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Neurolanguage Coach

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Neurolanguage Coach
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Dia dhuit, dzien dobry, hola, bonjour, ni hao, ciao, how'r'ya and hello. I'm Christine, a very Irish coach of the English language, located in Dublin, Ireland. 

---> I'm a blend and adaptation of my parents, an entrepreneurial teacher and general manager, now blended into a coach:

  • 25+ years' office and business administration experience
  • 20+ years' mono and multi-lingual classroom experience
  • 10+ years' International Education experience: Sales; Marketing; Student Recruitment; Relationship Management; Team Development & Inclusion; Operations Management; Teaching; Training
  • 5 Continents: International Education Conference Representative, Teacher, Coach
  • 25+ Countries: Students & Education Partners
  • 2 years in Australia
    • 1 year in The West Queensland Outback as a home school teacher
  • 1 year in China
    • Recruitment representative, lecturer and examiner for Dundalk Institute of Technology throughout China & Malaysia
  • Native Hiberno English speaker
    • British English and Irish English coach - we can also analyse and understand US English
    • Spanish B1; French A2; Polish, Mandarin A1

I love cooking, particularly Asian recipes, influenced by my time in China. I'm known for a song or two, and de-stress whilst singing female power ballads in my kitchen. A reader, I still prefer to hold a book in my hands, though I do use a Kindle. I'm Reiki trained, and work with crystals and natural healing at the same time as devouring everything I can on the most recent developments in Neuroscience and Educational Psychology. My greatest joy is a good, analytical conversation about the world, human behaviour, a bit of global economics and what can be done to make the world a better place. I also make scented candles, do yoga, strength training, run "Tough Mudders" and vegetate on my big yellow chair. 

Business English: improvisation, small talk, negotiation, customer service, team development, staff inclusion, marketing, meetings, management, networking across cultures and online, adminsitration, process development etc.

English (in addition to general skills): Pronunciation (particularly skilled at difficult/new sounds), Presentation & Public Speaking, IELTS skills & strategies, Storytelling, Poetry Recital, Singing in English.


  • Neurolanguage Coach(R)
  • PostGraduate Diploma: Digital Marketing
  • Master of Business (Entrepreneurship & Marketing)
  • Cambridge CELTA
  • Associate Diploma, Speech & Drama Teaching
      • Classification of Speech (Diction, Pronunciation & Articulation of English sounds), Improvisation (critical skill in today's fast-changing business world)
      • Storytelling / Public Speaking (for PR, marketing, acting professionals)
      • Poetry Recital & Dramatic Performance
Coach / Business Details
Language Courage Coaching
353 87 761 7711

Language Courage Coaching aims to help you turn fear into fuel for courage, whilst mastering the language you need to achieve your goals.

Have you ever stopped yourself from giving an opinion, making a comment or asking a question in a meeting, at a networking event or even just on a night out? What was the reason you stopped? 

  • "I couldn't find the words!"
  • "I didn't know when or how to interrupt."
  • "I didn't know the people I was talking to. I didn't want to insult them or risk too much disagreement."
  • "I was concerned about embarrassing the person I was speaking to. It's my first time working with someone from....."
  • "I didn't feel like my English was good enough."
  • "I got the feeling that my accent was difficult to understand. They kept speaking slowly like I didn't understand, although I have a high level of English.

If any of the comments above are familiar and you would like to "change the script", Language Courage Coaching may be the right approach for you. 

As your coach, I combine over 20 years' teaching, management and academic experience; principles of coaching; and the latest findings in Neuroscience with compassion, understanding, professionalism, hard work and a "bit of craic" (I'm very Irish).

Together, we will:

  • analyse your language
  • draft the blueprints of your learning plan
  • demolish inaccurate, weak language connections
  • rebuild positive, strong language connections
  • build your language up, block by block
  • Laugh, learn and live your learning journey together until you feel you are ready to go it alone. 


Please WhatsApp or email if you would like to arrange a free 60-minute introductory session. If you are not sure, or prefer to move more slowly, I am always open to a coffee and a chat.

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