Neurolanguage Coach® Network Help

If you need additional help please email us at [email protected] / submit a ticket at / use the form below to submit a feature request or bug report.

Essential First Steps

Step 1 – Create a profile and cover image

Step 2 – Edit and Update Your Profile

Update: Please remember to refresh your browser after uploading a profile image, cover photo and other uploaded files. This is because the system uses a cache to help speed up the site. You can refresh your browser by:

Mac – pressing Command-R all together

PC – Pressing Control-F5 together

If this doesn’t clear the cache and allow you to see your new images, please log out and log in.

Step 3 – Edit and Update The “My Services” Tab

Feature Request / Bug Report

    Essential Image Dimensions

    Cover Image

    Your cover image must be in the ratio of 2.7 : 1. The recommended size in pixels is 1000px wide by 370px high.

    We recommend you use to make your cover image.

    Profile Image

    Your profile image must be 170px wide by 170px high.

    We recommend you use to make your profile image.

    Next Steps

    Exploring the Menus

    Sending Messages

    Using the Activity Wall

    Connecting your LinkedIn Account

    Being Friends Online

    Posting Events

    Using Groups

    Using the Marketplace