NL Coach Referral Scheme

Neurolanguage Coaching Course (LCC) Referral Scheme


The entire team here at ELC are eternally grateful to everyone within the Neurolanguage Coach Network who kindly refers a potential Neurolanguage Coach into the Language Coaching Certification courses. 

As a thank you for all your efforts in “spreading the word”, we have an amazing commission scheme where you can earn 10% of the course fee paid for every referral who completes the course and pays their fees in full. 

For more information on this scheme, please get in touch with the team.

Terms and Conditions

1. The commissions below apply to referrals into ELC run LCC courses only. They do not apply to courses run by Licensed Trainers. This is because Licensed Trainers decide what discounts and rewards are attached to their courses. To find out if a Licensed Trainer has any discounts etc attached to their course, please contact them directly.

However, Licensed Trainers who wish to use this system for their own courses are entitled to do so.

2. Commissions for ELC run courses are payable to Prospective Neurolanguage Coaches and above i.e. commissions can only be paid to people who have a Neurolanguage Coach or NeuroHeart Education Coach ID number.

3. If you refer someone you know to a LLC course, please ask them to insert your coach ID, found on your Neurolanguage Coach Network profile page, into the referral ID box on the LCC registration form.

4. If you refer someone you know and do not receive confirmation from the ELC team that your ID is attached to their registration, please let us know and we will look into it. We reserve the right to block commissions when your ID number has not been inserted into the registration form.

5. When commissions are valid and you are eligible, we will pay you one of 5 levels depending on what course fee was paid. Payments cannot, under any circumstances, be paid before full payment of the course fees has been made by the referred person. People regularly use payment plans so commissions would not be payable until the payment plan has ended and all fees are collected.

6. Eligible commissions can only be paid after 30 days of receipt of your invoice for the commission amount. The exact amount of commission will be confirmed by ELC.

7. The commission structure is as follows:

Course Fee Paid: 2300€ (Full course price)
Commission: 230€

Course Fee Paid: 2070€ (10% Discount on course price)
Commission: 200€

Course Fee Paid: 1725€ (25% Discount on course price)
Commission: 175€

Course Fee Paid: 1150€ (50% Discount on course price)
Commission: 115€

Course Fee Paid: 805€ (65% Discount on course price)
Commission: 80€

8. From time to time, we will run campaigns where different discounts to the ones listed above may be used. Commissions would be calculated based on the campaign discount and final course price paid by the referred person.