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Shona Bannatyne
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Neurolanguage Coach

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Neurolanguage Coach
Spain, Germany, People 's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
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I'm dedicated to helping Biologists improve their English Communication Skills & receive the full recognition they deserve for their work. Using NeuroLanguage Coaching we will build on your current knowledge to help you become a more confident & effective communicator in English.

Experienced English Teacher/Coach with an 18 year history of working in professional training & coaching. (CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults from IH Seville, 2002). Skilled in English Language Teaching, English Language Coaching (Certified Neurolanguage Coach) Spanish, and Biological Studies. Strong education professional with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Cell Biology and Immunology from The University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

I'm fascinated by all things in nature, whether it be a tiny cell in a fungus or inside the mind of an elephant! I just love nature and always have, being brought up in a remote village on a Scottish island made me strongly value the wildlife around us. Other interests include psychology, travelling, knowing about other cultures, dancing, hiking...

Having studied Cell Biology and Immunology I have extensive knowledge of science and nature. In addition to this, I spent several years working in laboratories in New Zealand and Scotland, building a good understanding of the demands of working in science.

Over the past 18 years I have been working with professionals in Spain. Helping them improve their English skills and advance in their careers.

Last year I qualified as a certified NeuroLanguage Coach and have been helping people build their confidence to speak English effectively and fluently. I would love the opportunity to work with you!

Honours Degree in Cell Biology and Immunology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
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English, Spanish
English, Spanish
English For Biologists
0034 669227790
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