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Macarena Pena
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Neurolanguage Coach

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Macarena, Maca or 潘瑪卡
Neurolanguage Coach
United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Republic of China
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My name is Macarena, but its also Maca, and sometimes even "Macaron". Im from Mendoza, Argentina, but also while in Ireland I was Irish, while in China Chinese and now while in Formosa Island, Im a Taiwanese. According to my educational background, Im an English language teacher, but when circumstances given had to be a waitress, tour guide, a Public Relations officer and even a flamenco dancer.

I love travelling but now due to the pandemic, I like going into nature, studying Chinese and also writing my thesis thats about Life Education and Language teaching.

My name, my country, my job and even my hobbies can change but what it has never changed is the fact that Im a passionate learner who is constantly looking for new opportunities that can provide me with great experience and develop my language and human skills. Moreover, what defines us a unique and individuals are not our traits but rather our decisions.

One of my life changing decision was my career choice, since after becoming a teacher and working in different places like schools, universities and companies have given me great social connections and communication skills. I am a people person because I believe there is real growth and hence happiness.

The second big one was to come to Asia. As I got involved in eastern beautiful culture, I had the chance of enjoying the beauty of Mandarin: the complexity of simplicity. How wonderful it is to know that the more you understand other languages and cultures, the more you come to understand your own.

The third one but not the least important one has been to become a Neurolanguage Coach. Thanks to this amazing program I have had the chance to put my career on a higher level as it has allowed me to put brain, haeart and hands together when teaching.

And the list could go on, but the key point lies on the decision you can make today in becoming my coachee and together shape our learning . As a communicator I believe in the power of words and how they affect eternity and shape people`s behavior. Therefore, I hope to have the chance to have a chat with you in the near future and together get the goals that you want to achieve.

For further information, I dont hesitate to contact me.


Travelling, reading about psychology and philosophy, watching movies based on real events and documentaries, dancing flamenco, chatting about nonsensical stuff, laughing , meditation, communication, food and the list can go on...

I dont know if I have any skill but i feel comfortable when I have to talk to people and discuss what their needs are. Also I feel okay when using the computer and do the baisc things in Office, Canva, and social networks though I am not a social media girl at all. I feel comfortable when music plays because I feel free to dance and more when it comes to flamenco music. I also feel good to speak in public as I am a Toastmasters member which has allowed me to become a better communicator. I am eager to keep adding more comfortable habits to my life.

I graduated as an English Language Teacher and currently I am attending the second year in a Master Degree program in Education and cultural management in Taiwan.

I am an eager learner that wants to keep discovering the world while connecting with others so as to get significant moments of thruth and happiness. 

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English, Spanish, Mandarin
English, Spanish, Mandarin
Smart Blend
+886 090 301 6391
Nantou County, Mingjian Township
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