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Katarina Brezani
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I've been in language training for more than 20 years working with corporate clients, executives and managers from a range of industries (banking, pharmaceuticals, IT, HR, logistics, insurance, medicine, law, automotive, energy, FMCG, marketing, management consulting).

I've been helping clients with systematic language development, we either have been working on improving their skills or consolidating the existing level. Recently I've been primarily providing language coaching and consulting to executives and managers - helping them to prepare for a range of tasks and events such as conferences, presentations, teleconferences, business meetings with international partners, internal strategic meetings, communication within international project teams, external and internal negotiations, interviews, appraisals, feedback sessions, communication with patients, etc. Language coaching and consulting has proven effective in sessions focused on achieving leadership key attributes with the right language, particularly in the areas such as strategy development, change management, decision making, problem solving, soft-skills development, agility and innovation.

In the past few years I observed an intuitive shift towards coaching in interaction with my business clients. To get the language coaching right I decided to take the Neurolanguage Coaching course in 2018. I also completed a Business Coaching course with the focus on meaning and mechanics of coaching in business.

In my experience coaching principles combined with brain-friendly approach simply work. We put the learner autonomy first and change communication patterns. Profound respect to coachees, their ownership of goals and learning process are the key principles to me. Active listening, silence and powerful questions make a world of difference in interacting with our partners - clients. NeuroLanguage Coaching goes beyond learning a language, it is empowering and effective.

My inspiration comes from Rachel Paling and her NeuroLanguage Coaching, Carl Rogers and his humanistic approach, David Rock and his quiet leadership and last but not least from Daniel Goleman and his emotional intelligence views.


'We think we listen, but very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening, of this very special kind, is one of the most potent forces for change that I know'

I like doing pilates & yoga because they help me feel better, be focused and more flexible.
I practise krav maga because the training helps me deal with my limitations, get fitter and more dynamic.
Drinking tea is pure relax for me. I love enjoying the delicate taste of black tea and herbal fusions.

I'm genuinely interested in people development - emotional & social intelligence, humanistic approach and neuroscience. A person in the centre of the learning process surrounded by elements of language, communication, emotions, brain and the environment.
Emotional and social intelligence are the areas I'm interested in deeply and exploring currently. The value and benefits of being able to understand and manage our emotions are tremendous in terms of personal, academic and professional success.
I'm also a great fun of Carl Rogers and his person/learner-centered approach where respect, congruence, positive regard, dignity and compassion are essential attributes creating a growth-promoting environment.

Language coaching and consulting for Executives - leadership development , Communication Skills Development, Employability Skills Development, Life Skills Development, Business English, English for Specific Purposes (banking, marketing, IT, insurance, HR, medical English, legal English) , Business coaching, Teacher trainer, Mentor

LANGUAGE & COACHINGProfessional Neurolanguage Coach & Licensed trainer (Efficient Language Coaching, ICF accredited, 2019)Advanced Neurolanguage Coach (Efficient Language Coaching, ICF accredite

I see my role in communication skills development as a strong support for clients to achieve their goals. In cooperation with clients  I highly value partnership, respect, active listening, direct communication and focus on solution.


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