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Hedvig Sandbu
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United Kingdom
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Neurolanguage Coach

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United Kingdom
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I'm a big believer in the power of diversity - every one of us has a unique set of skills, experiences and interests that make you valuable. Embedded in most coaching methods is the assumption that your biggest power comes from within, not from someone or something outside of you. As a language and learning coach, I help my clients to find their inner creativity and problem solving to face their challenges.

Our languages, accents, and the words we choose to use can be very personal and have a profound impact on identity, confidence, willpower, belief, and ultimately, on achieving what we want in life.

Language learning has proven benefits on an individual level - improving creativity, problem solving, flexibility, empathy, confidence, and even your likelihood of recovering after a stroke. I believe these benefits reach beyond individuals to benefit entire communities, too.

I imagine an inclusive world where everyone - regardless of background and circumstances - has access and opportunity to learn the language skills they need to succeed.

In another life I would spend a great deal more of my time learning about the fantastic lives and minds of octopuses such as the Wunderpus photogenicus (which also has the best Latin name I've ever heard).
Favourite - untranslateable - pun: Time flies like an arrow, while fruit flies like bananas.

I am a London-based linguist, certified Neurolanguage Coach®, and Community Builder. My mission is to help instil curiosity, creativity and a growth mindset around learning - language learning in particular.

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