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Gyongyver Pillich-Wright
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Neurolanguage Coach
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I have always been interested in searching for innovative, ‘learner-friendly’ and practical methods in teaching languages. I am a Cambridge DELTA qualified English teacher and teacher trainer with 23 years’ experience in teaching and training English for general or specific purposes and an ECL certified and ICF accredited NLC coach.

I am co-founder and Director of Studies of Bridge Language Study House in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I have vast experience in teaching and training English for general and specific purposes mostly for adults and teenagers. I have been preparing learners for a great variety of international language examinations as well as for entering university abroad (mostly in the UK and the US). I have also led many in-company language development projects mostly focusing on training English for specific purposes. I am a Cambridge DELTA qualified teacher trainer actively involved in teacher development both nationally and internationally for 16 years. Having discovered Neurolanguage Coaching® was a great eye-opener for me and I feel that through this innovative approach to teaching I have found my true calling in language education. I greatly appreciate the emphasis on creating the ‘perfect learning state’ for the learners as well as the positive, ‘learner-friendly approach in Neurolanguage Coaching®. Striving to alleviate emotional and mental blocks in learners and involving learners as equal partners into the learning process make this method a truly successful and efficient way of learning a foreign language. Certifying with ELC as a Neurolanguage Coach (which also offered me ICF accreditation) has been one of my best professional decisions.

Hiking, travelling, literature, folklore, folk art, gardening

Proficient in coaching English for business and professional purposes, extensive experience in coaching for international language examinations, great people's skills, efficient communication skills, efficient use of soft skills, good time and classroom management, strong knowledge of coaching/training/teaching online.

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English, Hungarian, Romanian
English, Hungarian
Bridge Language Study House
Neurolanguage Coaching® offers an efficient, time-saving and cost-effective language learning solution for learners of all language levels. It helps learners keep motivated and inspired given the immediate results and progress in a foreign language within a short period of time. Due to the fact that learning happens in a perfect learning state, and it builds on mental associations, learners’ understanding of the language system and practical applicability will be more profound and durable. Neurolanguage Coaching® builds entirely on the learners’ learning needs, learning styles as well as personality. I am ready to help learners of any level with any language learning goals in lively and interactive online or face-to-face sessions. I work with individuals as well as small groups of up to 6 learners nation-wide and world-wide. For learners who wish to consolidate their general language knowledge and abilities, I can help attain the following objectives: • Consolidate the basics of the English language system • Progress to a more advanced language level • Enrich and develop vocabulary and make it more sophisticated in communication • Reduce accent and develop more natural and authentic pronunciation • Improve communicative skills and raise the level of self-confidence in speaking • Develop reading, listening, writing and speaking skills in general contexts • Offer preparation for international language examinations (TOEFL, TOEIC, Pearson, IELTS, Cambridge, ECL, etc.) For learners who wish to consolidate their language knowledge and abilities in specific professional contexts, I can offer my help in the following areas (other specific language areas can also be consolidated on request): • Business English communication skills • Legal English: text interpretation, legal English vocabulary, formulating contracts and other legal documents • Presentation Skills: structuring and creating content, presenting the content, addressing the public • Marketing: consolidating lexis, creating content, confident and effective communication skills in English, describing product or service • Human Resources: consolidating lexis, creating content, job-specific communicative skills • Public Speaking: developing self-confidence, structuring and creating content, tone and voice, body-language, addressing the audience • Negotiation skills: polite language, assertive communication, phrases used in negotiation, written negotiation • English for Management and Leadership • Administrative and secretarial English • Medical English • English for Insurance, Banking and Finance • Business English Writing: appropriate style and register, business English text types, developing lexis, making lexis more sophisticated
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