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<p>I'm an Italian native speaker with a strong passion for languages, learning and making learning possible for others.</p> <p>I left Ancona, my home town in central Italy, at the age of 19 to start a degree in "Lingue e Letterature Straniere" (BA in English) at the "Universita degli Studi di Pisa".</p> <p>My Erasmus in Cardiff, Wales, in 1994 was definitely key in making me look for job opportunities abroad and in nurturing my hunger for travelling. However, I had to wait until 1998, to have the opportunity I had been looking for. I was, in fact, offered a job as an English teacher that took me to Caracas, Venezuela, for a whole year.</p> <p>I came back to Italy the following year and I could only resist just about 12 more months before leaving again. This time, Dublin, Ireland was my destination. There I stayed for 3 unforgettable years. Although that represented the longest break from teaching I've ever had in my entire professional life, it was still a priceless experience that contributed to making me what I am now.</p> <p>The Irish period ended with my last come back to Italy. After a year in Milan, I left for Spain, where I live now since 2004.</p> <p>Since I moved to Spain, I've never stopped teaching Italian or English. I started off with language schools and gradually started working freelance. In 2010, I began mixing face-to-face with online teaching. In 2019, I started teaching totally online.</p> <p>In 2007, besides teaching, I began to offer translation services. As I wanted to specialise in subtitling and receive formal training, I moved to England for a year and attended an MA in Audiovisual Translation at the University of Surrey. DVD bonus materials, episodes of TV series, reality shows, cartoons and audioguides are only some examples of the projects I had the opportunity to work on, after completing my MA.</p> <p>I returned one last time to England in 2012, this time for a couple of years. There, while continuing teaching and translating under the business name of pa Language services, I enrolled in a CELTA (Certificates in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course at the ITTC (International Teacher Training Centre) in Bournemouth, thanks to which I was able to work for various local language schools.</p> <p>At the end of 2014, I came back to Spain and have never left since then. In fact, I had been offered a job as director of studies and teacher in a language school. Although I was comfortable in the role, I missed the freedom of freelance teaching and decided to resume working as self-employed.</p> <p>The professional flexibility that being my own boss granted me, made me consider going a step further in my training as an English teacher. I, therefore, enrolled in the Distance DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) with the International House. Module 1 was extremely interesting and challenging. Passing it on the first try gave me a feeling of extreme satisfaction. However, I decided not to go further as the diploma didn't seem a good match for my professional objectives anymore.</p> <p>In 2019, I entered a programme (MOVE UP) for young entrepreneurs, in the Spanish city of Castellon de la Plana. My project was simple. I wanted to offer online language training which would be tailored to the students' needs so to make it as effective as possible. One day, a mentor I had in the final stages of this programme, pointed me in the direction of the ELC Certification. When I looked into it, I realized that the principles of neurolanguage coaching were in total harmony with the ones I had intuitively tried to follow in course of my career as a language teacher.</p> <p>That's how the path towards becoming a neurolanguage coach started.</p> <p></p>

Playing the bass guitar, Music, Drawing, Going to concerts and music festivals, Reading novels and comics, Watching films and TV series, Skating, Surfing, Yoga, Weight training, Jogging, Travelling, Learning languages

<p>Teaching Italian, Teaching English, Teaching Spanish, Translating from English into Italian, Translating from Spanish into Italian, Subtitling from English into Italian, Subtitling from Spanish into Italian</p>

BA in English (Universita degli Studi di Pisa)

MA in Audiovisual Translation (University of Surrey)

CELTA (Certificates in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

DELTA module 1 (

I'm passionate about foreign languages. I learn them, teach them, translate them, use them when reading a book, watching a film, writing a message, travelling and communicating.

Learning is my way to get to know me better.

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