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Here are a selection of the testimonials and reviews I have received from the language learners who have worked with me.

Ana is coaching me now for almost a year. When I started working with her, I already invested quite some time and effort into learning Spanish by attending group classes and using different apps. Still I wasn't able to have a basic conversation, which was really frustrating. Ana helped me by developing the right strategies and personalized learning plans, which were and are aligned with my objectives. Setting different milestones and achieving those is very rewarding and motivating. Now I still have some way to go as I'm not a natural in picking up languages, but the journey with her is very fun and looking forward to continue it. If you are looking for successful ways to learn a language, talk to Ana.

Tobías Pfeiffer

Ana is an extremely professional, experienced neurolanguage coach with excellent language skills and a very calm coaching approach that transforms the learning experience into a focused business approach ideal for business professionals of today. I can highly recommend Ana as one of our experienced Neurolanguage Coaches.

Rachel Paling

Ana consiguió transformar mi visión sobre el inglés, revolucionó las ideas que tenía establecidas en mi cabeza y me ayudó a limar mis principales bloqueos. Lo hace de manera sencilla y muy cercana. Ana consigue transformar una clase de ingles en una experiencia de aprendizaje, donde te marcas objetivos ambiciosos y en el que conversar en ingles se convierte en un placer. Te animo a que la conozcas, habrá un antes y un después.

Jesús Pérez Santiago

Learning Spanish with Ana has been the most amazing experience. I have tried to learn languages in the past but was not confident to speak those languages. With Ana's help, and only a total of 12 coaching sessions over the past three months, I have achieved my goal: I have several language partners with whom I speak regularly and enjoy language exchange via Skype. Sometimes I speak for half an hour in Spanish and listen to my Spanish-speaking exchange partners from Mexico, Uruguay, and Spain, without problems. Ana truly built my confidence. The coaching sessions were fun, in fact, they were the highlight of my week, and learning was somehow effortless, like a process of osmosis! I recommend her method, neurolanguage coaching 100%, and have been inspired to train in it myself. On top of this, I recommend Ana as your coach of choice if you are learning Spanish as she is positive, affirmative, fun and at the same time an expert in the language that she teaches.

Kate Nixon

Ana es una persona sumamente profesional y dedicada. Ella está súper bien preparada para que vos puedas recibir esa alta calidad de enseñanza que ella entrega. Ha sido y será la mejor teacher de inglés que he tenido. Sus clases son 100% armadas según tus necesidades. Ana siempre prepara un plan especial y único para conseguir los objetivos y lograr las metas que tú mismo defines.

Juan Martin Battisacchi

Ana has proved to be an exceptional Professional English Coach. She always prepares her classes to ensure not only constant progress but also enjoy the process of learning English. She also stands out for customising the classes with countless resources. She is continuously measuring the improvements and setting goals addressing them uniquely.

José Ramón Polanco

Ana es una extraordinaria profesional, quien entiende las necesidades de sus clientes para hacer de cada sesión de coaching un camino de avance y mejora en la práctica del ingles. Se mantiene en constante trabajo para mejorar su metodología y poder superarse como Coach, brindando un extra a cada uno sus alumnos.

Martín Ferrari

Since I've started studying English with Ana, I realize it comes easy to me to speak in English. I'd always loved this language but when I had to conduct a conversation or a presentation, fear was my main feeling. After one month with Ana, my English improved exponentially and I feel really happy, because I like the way she transformed even my language expressions, becoming elegant and sophisticated, just what I wished. Besides, she is funny, professional, and very nice, things that I appreciate in the learning process. Absolutely 100% recommended.

Jessica Ingrid Ciccone

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