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Advanced Neurolanguage Coach

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Advanced Neurolanguage Coach
Online Anywhere, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Central African Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, Haiti
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<p>My passion for languages comes from my British schooling while Spanish and French being spoken at home and from the fact of having been a Globe trotter all my life. ( I lived in Brazil for 18 years). I studied to be an International trader, got a degree in Law in Spain( UAM) a Master in EEC Law at Luxembourg University as well as a Master in International Trading from EUDE and a Master in e-Management from ESPM Brazil. I worked well and efficiently, I could say I was good at my job for 10 years. However, all of a sudden I was requested to mediate in negotiation between different business people from different countries and discovered how difficult it was for people to communicate well in the business language ( English at the time). As Sir Ken Robinson would have said. I found "My Element" I .e. My passion, what I wanted to do was to help business people improve their communication in Spanish and English.</p> <p>Later on, when I returned to Spain in 2004, I continued learning and helping others communicate in English and Portuguese. In 2016 I embraced a new challenge with even more passion when I began helping teenagers ( with limited resources) to improve their language learning experience ( both through classes and summer immersions in the UK and Ireland). I have always understood learning and teaching as an interaction of equals( learning from each other) through conversations, but each one in a unique way and always doing my best to communicate the way the listeners Need to. In 2016 I became a certified DISC behaviour analyst and credited by the International DISC Association to improve my communication style with my unique students. Therefore, when I discovered the Neurolanguage coaching approach with Rachel Paling, I found myself in front of amazing new possibilities that would help me move forward and push boundaries by understanding how the brain works and how you can facilitate the coachees learning process by calming them down, preparing their brain for learning and motivating them all along the journey. It sounds fascinating to me!</p> <p>!</p>
<p>Travelling and interacting with new cultures. All sorts of music ( always on), dancing and singing. Trekking in silence. Love a good play ( theatre) & Reading ( for hours when Ive got time)</p> <p>Love hanging out with friends for a good chat.</p> <p>Absolutely love staring at the sea for hours, It puts me in Alfa</p> <p></p> <p></p>
<p>Communication & organization.An active listener and definitely a team player. I am an empathetic person always trying hard to be compassionate with others.</p> <p>I always try to be a good team leader</p>
<p>Full primary & secondary education at British Council School; Degree in Law at U.A.M - Spain ;EEC Law at lInstitut Universitaire de Luxembourg; Master in e-Management at E.S.P.M-Sao Paulo-Brazil ; Master in International Trading ( EUDE); PR

I am a passionate polyglot trying to facilitate communication in multicultural environments.I believe language learning is a relation, a conversation that evolves through interaction in which you constantly learn from your students while helping them find out how unique they are, how to push their boundaries and achieve their goals.

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English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
English, Spanish, Portuguese
66 441-2145

Everybody is unique and learns uniquely. I believe every learner deserves to find out their potential their way and learn the way they feel like at their unique pace. It is a privilege for me to try to facilitate their finding out of what, how and when they want to learn. It is about empathy, compassion and permanent motivation by active listening and brain provocation, pulling out their curiosity for more and moving forward more efficiently.

Hi All,

Always available at WhatsApp number, e-mail and of course through Skype  , Webex, Google meet or hangouts as well as Microsoft teams.

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