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Orianne Robert du Camp d'Orgas
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Professional Neurolanguage Coach

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Robert du Camp d'Orgas
Online Anywhere, Switzerland
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<p>I grew up in France near to Bordeaux. In my family we exclusively spoke French. Thanks to my sister who had a school exchange with a class in Hamburg, Germany, I heard for the first time someone speaking German. I was six years old and I was fascinated! Her classmates were speaking a language I did not understand but it seemed like they understood one another! WOW! I thought to myself: "One day, I'll be able to speak German fluently. It is so cool to be able to speak several languages!"</p> <p>As it was not possible to learn German as first foreign language at school, I chose English and Old Greek for its fabulous alpahabet. German came later but not least. I organised several journeys in Germany and Austria and I studied German for five years at the university.</p> <p>Pause... ten years... I became a mother.</p> <p>With my children and my husband we moved to Germany in 2008... and I can remember, just before turning on 31, while driving my car on the German motorway looking at the sign posts, I thought: "wow, I am 30 and I am living in Germany!" I worked in some education institutions and at the same time I pursued my study in a Master Degree (foreign language didactic, sociolinguistic, language education policy). I was wondering why our education systems are so unsuccessful. I could not get rid off this feeling that teaching was about the teacher and not really about the learner...</p> <p>And now? I am a Neurolanguage Coach based in Switzerland and I help people improving their communication skills in German and in French. Persons mostly come to me and want to improve their language skills because they want to be more efficient in their jobs or they want to better integrate the country they are living in. I help them reflecting their knowledge in grammar, creating connections between their mother tongue and the language they are learning, clarifying some connections they made. I help them developing the flow... stress level is sinking so they can better communicate. Language skills and self-esteem are increasing and we contribute together to build a more peaceful world.</p>

Neurosciences, languages, learning, biographies, philosophy, tui shou

<p>German and French, non-violent communication, French pronunciation with the verbo-tonal approach</p>

Bachelor Degree in German (language and culture), Master Degree in Language Education Policies (Audit, consulting, engineering)

I help adults improving their skills in German and in French. I help them reflecting their knowledge, creating, and clarifying connections between mother tongue and the learned language. I help them developing the flow without any stress. Language skills and self-esteem are increasing, and we contribute to build a more peaceful world.

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English, German, Italian, French
German, French
Orianne Robert du Camp d'Orgas, Ingénierie pédagogique, formation, conseil

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