Language Learners are looking for you….

Your potential students and fellow Neurolanguage Coaches are looking for you! Help them find and contact you contact you through the Neurolanguage Coach Network!

As a member of the Neurolanguage Coach community, you have exclusive access to a truly unique platform.

By keeping your profile up to date and logging in regularly, you’ll be making sure that the search engines are matching you to learners who are searching for your services.

But it’s not just language learners who want to contact you. It’s fellow NL coaches too. The Network gives you an easy way to share information, share opportunities, become friends, create groups and much much more.

Key features of the Network…

• An interactive map that allows visitors to find you based on map location;
• A coach directory that makes it easy for potential clients to narrow down their search and find you;
• Coach profile that allows you to tell the world that you’re here and makes it easy for learners to contact you;
• Coach business profile that introduces your business / service to visitors;
• Private groups that you can create, invite and join;
• Inter-coach work opportunities ;
• Private messaging to NL coaches within the network;

And much, much more.

Coming soon…… Premium area – the NL Coach Resource Zone

How to join the community…

The team here at ELC will automatically sign you up for the Network, it’s free for all NL Coaches who have attended the certification courses. If you haven’t received your login details, use the Join Request Form and we’ll get you online in no time 🙂