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Nurdan Colleran
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Professional Neurolanguage Coach

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Professional Neurolanguage Coach
United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey
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<p>Hello and thank you for your interest in my profile.</p> <p>Im excited to know you are interested in more about myself as well as Neurolanguage Coaching.</p> <p>Lets start with Neurolanguage Coaching, what is it exactly? Thats a great question as it is a new way of learning a language. Neurolanguage Learning is brain-friendly and applies neuroscience in the teaching method to help students learn languages better, faster and more efficiently.</p> <p>How do I do that?</p> <p>1. Listening and Questions - Knowing that no two brains are the same I use active listening and ask questions of the learner to help them understand their brain and how to learn to their highest capability.</p> <p>2. Personal Learning Experience - This means I provide a personalized learning experience and a unique learning style per learner.</p> <p>3. Exploring - By exploring the individual needs and interests of each learner, we are together able to reach the best learning experience and thereby learners are able to make connections, making learning stronger.</p> <p>4. Checking in Regular learning sessions /check-ins ensure continuous knowledge and understanding of learning goals met and not met help to me to know how to keep my clients motivated and learning at an optimal level.</p> <p>Determining how one might fit with a Coach is important, so let me share a bit about who I am and why learning from me is a solid decision. As a Professional Neurolanguage Coach, trainer and educator, I work with individuals as well as corporate entities:</p> <p> Individuals I guide individuals in their journey towards achieving their language learning goals, specifically in English and Turkish, whether for business, education or personal use.</p> <p> Corporate Entities - As a certified trainer in Neurolanguage Coaching and Neurolanguage Communication, I work with corporates to help staff develop language skills to manage conversations, negotiation, and other areas of business communication required of modern multinational companies with a diverse staff profile across multiple geographical locations.</p> <p>I also work with HR professionals, educators and language schools who are curious about how they can improve their employees, trainees and students language learning. Important for you to also know is that I have a background with over 30 years experience across international business, coaching and training.</p> <p>I also have a business and commercial experience garnered from around the world with multinational companies, and I have also worked as a consultant and advisor to Government bodies, the United Nations, Universities, and other not-for-profit institutions. This unique blend of skills includes an acute awareness of other nationalities and cultures developed through my experience of living, working and studying in many diverse geographical locations, as well as excellent presentation skills from facilitating presentations throughout my career, and delivering workshops and coaching sessions.</p> <p>Please contact me via email, I look forward to hearing from you and speaking together about your or your companys language learning needs.</p>
<p>Learning, Neuroscience, the woman in history, living in different countries, NGO's, Human Rights, Sustainable fashion, Renewable Energy, Space Agency Work, Yoga, Meditation and many others.... :)</p>
<p>MA Business Administration, BSc Engineering Geology, Diploma of Coaching for Performance, CELTA,</p><p>ELT Certificates; Neurolanguage Coaching, Advance Neurolanguage Coaching, Professional Neurolanguage Coaching, Neurolanguage Coach

As a Professional Neurolanguage Coach, trainer and educator, I work with individuals as well as corporate entities.

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English, Turkish

Working with a Neurolanguage Coach®️ is ideal for:
1) Business and HR professionals looking to improve your language skills. Perform better in your role. Improve aspects of business communication such as negotiation and report writing. Build better intercultural relationships. Thrive together!
2) Teachers and educators who want to help your students to learn languages better, faster and more efficiently. I transform teachers into coaches.
3) Individuals who would like to learn English or Turkish for fun, personal development, or to hold better conversations with family and friends from other cultures. Are you ready to transform your language learning? Find out more here… ,

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