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Katarzyna Hylinska
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Professional Neurolanguage Coach

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Katarzyna Hylinska, Professional NeuroLanguage Coach, ELC Licensed Teacher Trainer & Mentor, Country Lead of Efficient Language Coaching in Poland MA in English Philology. Author of articles about brain-based coaching and NeuroLanguage Coaching. Advocate of professionalisation of language coaching which has now crystalised into the concept of NeuroLanguage Coaching. Photographer. She has been teaching English for 20 years and has been providing language services to both private and corporate clients. For quite a while she wondered what it is that makes her clients learning experiences so effective and enjoyable. She could sense the answer was in the relationship they co-created which was based on trust and acceptance, which was full of empathy and in which it was always the client who brought into the sessions issues which they wanted to talk about. It was the moment when she met Rachel Paling and took her first steps on the path of professional NeuroLanguage Coach development when things started falling into place. She gained her qualifications as a NeuroLanguage Coach in 2014 and she considers Language Coaching Certification course to be not only an absolute breakthrough in her teaching career - providing her with scientific justification of what she had been intuitively introducing into her language classes - but also the real beginning of her conscious self-development. She chose to continue her journey diving gently into the NeuroLanguage world taking the Advanced and the Professional NeuroLanguage Coaching courses and becoming one of the first NeuroLanguage Teacher Trainers in the world. Currently, in her daily work she takes on the hats of: a NeuroLanguage Coach offering NeuroLanguage Coaching processes to both corporate and private clients, working with them individually or in small groups, face to face and online; a NeuroLanguage Trainer - delivering Language Coaching Certification and NeuroLanguage Communication programmes to teachers, trainers and educators in Poland supporting them in their transformation from teacher to coach; a NeuroLanguage Mentor sharing experiences and best practice of the profession with peer NeuroLanguage Coaches; a Life Coach assisting people in their self-discovery; Country Lead of Efficient Language Coaching Poland representing Efficient Language Coaching Global in her country. She shows a new perspective of learning languages in corporate world, offering a holistic approach - starting from strategic sessions through authentically customised language coaching processes and workshops followed by efficiency analysis. She does it with the intention of co-creating a new culture of learning languages in the business world - designing and implementing processes of learning which are in line with the direction of business development. She truly believes that the more of a human being we teachers, trainers, coaches see in a person sitting in front of us as a learner, the better they learn. And that to be able to do this we educators need to go deeper and deeper into self-discovery the border of which is infinity. The most essential thing for her for today is awareness. Her experience shows that the awareness of life and the awareness of other people can be born only as a result of self-awareness. And that self-awareness starts with our ability to recognize our reactions. This is the reason for which taking further steps on the path of her self-discovery is top priority for her and this is why she values the concept of NeuroLanguage created by Rachel Marie Paling so much for bringing the light of awareness into the learning process, which leads to allowing, accepting, acknowledging and respecting a human being as a whole. If you would like to get in touch with her directly, please email

Photography, Personal Development, Life Coaching, Leadership, Talent Management, and... Neuroscience 🙂

Business English, Financial English, Trainings in soft skills, English for Negotiations, Preparation for Cambridge English Exams, Preparation for job interviews, Talent Management (SWOT analysis, Gallup's 34 Talents), Life Coaching, Executive Coaching

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